Session 7: In Which a Threat Is Discovered and Eliminated

Wednesday, 1st day; 9th month (Horse); year 734 (cont.)

Following the unfortunately Tarantino-esque conclusion to their assault on the Temple of Zargon, the PCs rush to repair their relationship with the Spearmaidens of Madarua. They send a small delegation – led by Spinello and specifically excluding the frightful barbarian who drove them out of the Temple – to entreat with the Spearmaidens.

The delegation emerges onto a town square that is unnaturally empty and ominously quiet. Even the ‘shroom-addled denizens of Cynidicea realize that the balance of power has been upset, and anything could happen now. The frightened citizens eye the PCs silently from windows and shops as they make their way to the Tower of Madarua.

They find the gates of the Tower compound shut tight. Spinello hails the Spearmaidens, and one of them appears on the battlements. She demands that they leave, and reminds them that their henchmen (Odgrim and Simbra-Nar) and their friend Bozev, the Telkaynie tavern keeper, are still in the Tower, convalescing. If the PCs are foolish enough to attack, their guards have orders to kill the hostages. Hoping to find a more sympathetic ear, Spinello asks if he can speak to Ilaliya, the Spearmaiden who guided them out of the Pyramid, and who Spinello had been trying unsuccessfully to woo ever since. The Spearmaiden, obviously upset by the bard’s insensitivity, informs him that Ilaliya did not survive the battle in the Temple.

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