Session 3: In Which the Party Earns a Dubiously Heroic Reputation at the Cost of a Third of its Membership

Spinello follows Ilalia to the Tower of Madarua. Ilalia retreats to the tower to get some sleep after a long and trying day. Spinello finds a place to throw down his bedroll among the families camped out in their courtyard, and tries to do the same. Not long after, the henchmen who were left at Bozev’s Place arrive at the Tower, bearing Odgrim with them, bound and wailing under the effects of the Blackspore Brandy. They do their best to comfort him until he cries himself to sleep. Finally, Thjolstoff, Dunstan, Walther, and Aisha return to the tower following their brawl at the Cat House. Thjolstoff does a head count and realizes Mercedes is still missing. The PCs head back out into the city to find her, leaving the henchmen to get some sleep.

Meawhile, Mercedes awakens in a cell, bereft of her gear and wearing a simple sack dress and a mask consisting of a sack with holes cut in it for her eyes. She has a hazy recollection of fleeing her companions after they transformed into brightly colored geckos and tried to eat her, then travelling through a kingdom of light until she encountered the Rainbow Man, who put her to sleep. She realizes that she has been hallucinating. A trio of people wearing silver baby masks and shapeless robes adorned with multi-colored strips of cloth enter the cell and question her in a language she does not understand. They try again in other languages, but she still cannot understand them. They get frustrated and leave, and Mercedes is again alone in the cell.

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