Session 5: In Which a High Priest is Assassinated and a Barkeep Takes an Arrow to the Knee

Sunday, Elephant 21st through Friday, Elephant 26th, 734

The party spends the week resting at the Tower of Madarua to recover from their expedition to the Isle of Death. During this time, they convince the High Spearmaiden to meet on neutral ground with the leaders of the Brothers of Gorm and Magi of Usamigaras. They decide to hold the meeting in the entrance to the Pyramid at the bottom of the shaft through which they first entered the city. The meeting is set for Monday, Elephant 29th.

Also, those members of the party who had been forced to eat Cynidicean mushrooms during their captivity eat well enough that they are no longer ‘shroom-addled. Brother Aubrey decides that the adventurer’s life is not for him, and retires to spread the word of the Gods Above among the people of Cynidicea [his player decided that old-school gaming just isn’t for him and bowed out of the game]. And the party pays members of the Spearmaidens’ congregation to spread word that the surfacers are looking to hire servants and mercenaries, and that those interested should inquire at the Tower of Madarua on Sunday.

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