Dwimmermount Session 2: In Which They Meet Dwarves, Skeletons, And a Magic Beetle

May 2nd, 914
Verrick of Tyche wakes to the sound of disembodied female voice saying “When you find the books, burn them.” Is it a prophecy sent by the goddess? The dervish keeps this revelation to himself, for now.

The party wakes early and heads to Dwimmermount. As they march along the trade road, a green dragon swoops by overhead. The beast seems uninterested in the party, but Jasper boldly fires an arrow at it anyway. Fortunately, his missile comes nowhere near the dragon, which flies off into the mountains to the east.

The party passes the stairs which lead up to the Red Doors, but decides to press on in search of the rumored secret back entrance to the dungeon. They spend the day hiking and searching around the north face of the mountain, but find nothing but a herd of deer. Verrick thanks Tyche for the luck, and tries to fell one of the deer, but his arrow misses the mark and they flee into the forest. As night falls, the despondent adventurers force march back to Muntburg Village.

May 3rd, 914
The party spends the day in Muntburg Village, resting and recovering from their forced march.

May 4th, 914
The party returns to Dwimmermount, this time mounting the stairs that will take them to the Red Doors. On the way up, they pass the Alchemist’s Door, and stop to examine it. Bertelemy senses that the Door is infused with magical power, and recognizes the symbols of the planets Kythirea, Areon, and Ioun among the runes carved into its surface. The party is unable to determine any way to open the door, however, and so they continue their ascent.

At the top of the stairs, the adventurers find that the Red Doors that were sealed when they came here as children now open easily. Lighting their lantern, they cautiously descend the stairs inside. At the bottom of the stairs, they come to a large chamber full of doors and statues. Henga recognizes the statues as depicting the gods Caint, Dorn, Mavors, Tenen, Typhon, and Tyche. However, statues’ heads have all been replaced with heads depicting the same bearded man.

The adventurers leave the statue room, pass through an empty room, and head down a long, dark corridor. They come to an intersection with another passage, and see light at the end of it. The light turns out to be the lantern of a quartet of dwarves who are also exploring the dungeon. Bertelemy impresses Durad, the leader of the dwarves, who explains that they come from the small vault of Falgim to the east, and that they entered the dungeon via the Stone-Wrought Stairs, which seems to be the rumored secret entrance the PCs were looking for on their previous expedition. Durad’s band is searching for another party of dwarves that ventured into Dwimmermount a couple of weeks ago, but have not returned.

The adventurers and the dwarves agree that there is strength in numbers, and decide to band together to explore the dungeon. The group enters a nearby room, which turn out to be filled with dust that sends all the humans into fits of sneezing, and the dwarves into fits of laughter at the humans’ frailty.

The band continues on, soon arriving at a round chamber, on the walls of which hang 5 demonic metal masks. A sixth mask lies on the floor next to the skeleton of a man in chain mail. Bertelemy senses that the masks are imbued with magical power. Verrick pulls one of the masks off of the wall, and a cloud of poisonous green gas sprays into his face. Tyche smiles upon her dervish, however, and he survives the exposure. Henga of Typhon then uses her 10′ pole to safely knock the remaining masks to the floor while remaining safely out of range of the gas traps. Jasper puts on one of the masks, and nothing noticeable happens.

The adventurers and their dwarven allies continue on, and soon come to an iron door. Tapping on the door with the 10′ pole does not trigger any trap, so the party tries to open it. Alas, it is locked, and resists their attempts to force it open with a crowbar, so the band moves on.

At the end of the hall opposite the iron door, the party finds a chapel lined with marble columns, with an altar at the far end. In each of the six columns is a niche in which stands a skeleton forged of black metal clutching a sword. The metal skeletons descend from their alcoves and attack. The party sets up a formation with three dwarves in front and the spear-wielding human warriors behind them. They fight valiantly, but their edged and piercing attacks do minimal damage to the skeletons. The battle is a slow one, and the three dwarves in the front rank are taken down before the adventurers are able to dispatch the monsters. Bertelemy is able to save two of them with his healing skills, but the third dwarf dies of blood loss from a severed leg before the mage can stabilize him. When he dies, the dwarf’s body petrifies into a statue. Durad somberly informs the survivors that he has “returned to the stone”.

Recovering as quickly as they can, the party spends a substantial amount of time searching the chapel. Henga determines that the altar was once dedicated to Mavors, the god of war, but it has been rededicated to something else. They also determine that the altar hides a secret door. Before they can open it, however, a patrol of metal skeletons arrives at the door to the chapel. Jasper springs into action, slamming the door in the skeletons’ faces before they can enter the room. He holds the door shut while his fellows pount an iron spike into the frame to seal it shut. Even so, they can hear the skeletons hacking at the other side of the door with their swords.

The adventurers decide to flee through the secret door. Unfortunately, it leads to a room with no other exit. The PCs shut the door and remain silent, listening at the door to see if the skeletons will just leave. Eventually, there is silence in the chapel. The PCs wait a bit, then open the secret door. Their gambit paid off! The skeletons have left the room for parts unknown.

Meanwhile, they discover a couple of things in the secret room: the carved marble head of the goddess Tyche, and a sack containing 760gp of coins and gems and a small wooden box in which lies a golden scarab pendant. Varrick puts on the pendant, and it is not long before the the scarab animates and burrows into his heart, killing him instantly.

The party decides that it is in their best interest to end this expedition to Dwimmermount. They leave their more cumbersome equipment (the 10′ pole, 2 spears, 2 tinderboxes, rations, 6 torches, waterskin, shield, short bow) in the secret room so they can carry the wounded dwarves back to civilization, and then force march their way back to Muntburg Village.

May 5th, 914
The party spends the day in Muntburg Village, resting and recovering from their forced march. Durad tells them that he has no intention of going back to Dwimmermount. He intends to remain in Muntburg until his companions have recovered (on May 12th), and then return to Falgim. He takes he and his companions’ share of the treasure, and also asks for one of the magical masks they recovered. He also would appreciate any information about the other dwarven party lost in Dwimmermount, should the PCs return there and find evidence of their fate.

When they are finished divvying up the treasure, each PC ends up with 108gp and 57cp. Experience point totals are recorded below.

PC1: Callet Jes – Lv 1 Fighter; 170/2000 xp; STR 16 DEX 13 CON 10 INT 9 WIS 8 CHA 7; Adventuring, Military Strategy, Fighting Style (Weapon & Shield); Languages: Common
PC3: Bertelemy – Lv 1 Mage; 170/2500 xp; STR 9 DEX 13 CON 9 INT 16 WIS 9 CHA 16; Adventuring, Alchemy, Healing x2, Sensing Power; Languages: Common, High Thulian, Elven
PC2: Jasper – Retired
PC4: Verrick of Tyche – Dead
PC5: Henga of Typhon – Retired

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