Session 6: In Which the Party Eliminates Three of the Cynidicean Cults, and Alienates the Fourth

Monday, Elephant 29th, 734

The party retreats to the safety of the Tower of Madarua following their extremely successful, casualty-free raid on the Temple of Zargon. They spend an hour celebrating their success and telling the High Spearmaiden what they’ve done, then decide to post the head of the High Priest of Zargon (which they took with them during the raid) on a pike in the town square. Fortunately, the forces of Zargon are still in disarray following the raid, so they meet no resistance. When they return, they arrange for more advertising for recruits, requesting Light and Heavy Infantry, Crossbowmen, Bowmen, and Longbowmen, as well as Normal Men looking to become henchmen. Several members of the party also donate the majority of the proceeds of the raid to the Spearmaidens, though Mercedes holds out, intending to donate to the Magi instead, when she can contact them. Then, they retire for the day.

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