The Hexcrawling Game: Part 3 – House Rules

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Here, finally, is my first attempt at house rules for hexcrawling. Most of it, any way. A separate post on hazardous terrain will follow. There will also be playtesting reports, once they have seen actual use at the table. As you can see, I had to screw up the value of roads in order to make the movement point system work. But, I think that is a reasonable price to pay. We’ll see how it works out in practice.

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Session 12: In Which The Legion Finally Conquers Cynidicea

Wednesday, 22nd day; 9th month (Horse); year 734

Upon returning from the Isle of the Dead and hearing of the impending Zargonian invasion, Amalaith decides that the Spearmaidens can no longer afford to cower behind the walls of their Tower. Taking her Spearmaiden henchmen and the Staff of Healing with her (despite the Legion’s reluctance to send another powerful magic item off with one of her players’ characters after the loss of the helm of telepathy and ring of x-ray vision), she heads to the Tower of Madarua to confront the High Spearmaiden Dalyaa-Nush. Calling together all of her sisters, Amalaith gives a fiery speech. Invoking her trials on the Isle of Death, where Madarua’s grace was all that stood between her and certain death, she demands that the Spearmaidens follow her as she joins forces with the Legion of the Gods Above to finally free Cynidicea from Zargon and his beastmen.

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