The Hexcrawling Game: Part 2 – Intentions

OK, I lied. No actual house rules yet. What I want to do instead is lay out what I am trying to accomplish with this exercise. What do I want to have at the end of it?

Simple MP Values: I want something as easy to understand and keep in your head as Outdoor Survival‘s 1, 2, 3, or 4 MP system. In the RAW ACKS MP system described in Part 1 of this series, the numbers are too big to easily keep in your head, and I’d rather not deal with fractional hexes. Unfortunately, the MP costs don’t reduce easily.

Simplify Accounting: This is what the food items/water items stuff in the previous post was about. I want to make keeping track of supplies as easy as possible.

Sighting and Landmarks: I want the characters to be able to see something in the distance and decide to go check it out. Several of the hexcrawl modules I’ve run include rules for seeing beyond the hex you are in, and I like the way it works out. The Alexandrean and Bat In The Attic have both tackled this, and it fits in with the Frodo-vs-Lewis-and-Clark dichotomy Zak talks about at Playing D&D With Pornstars. I want to include something similar.

Scouting/Hunting Parties: There’s a quick scene in Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring where the hobbits are trudging along through the wilderness when Aragorn catches up to them carrying a deer. I want to model that, and, more generally, I want the faster characters to be able to choose to do something with their extra MP budget.

Terrain Hazards: There are vast deserts above Cynidicea, and caves and jungles below it. This environment basically wants to kill the PCs, and shouldn’t have to rely on wandering monsters to do it. I need a way to model that. Also, I need a way to model the difficulties that will arise if the PCs decide to found a domain is such a harsh environment.

Don’t Break ACKSonomics: And this is the big one that will make all the others so difficult.

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