Unique Weapons and Armor of the Crusader Kingdoms

As requested, below the fold are brief descriptions of the unique weapons and armor from the previous post. Note that they are just rough notes intended to be expanded when the item actually shows up in the campaign.

*Spoiler Alert* If any of my players are reading this, you will only be spoiling the surprise if you read on.

Again, these notes are incomplete. All unique items are at least minimally intelligent (Int 6, no powers, empathy). Some may be more intelligent and have the associated powers, but only Kazathigus the Holy, Hackmaster Skreel, Lord Quench the Dragonslayer, Tnepthos the Giant Slayer, and Piscine Ketos are intelligent enough to be able to speak.  Some of these were stolen from inspired by Simon at The Sky Full of Dust, and are linked to his great post on unique magic swords.

Unique: Determination (Cruciform Bright Steel Dragonbone Sword; +1 hit and damage; attack and damage bonuses increase by +1 every time you miss, resetting to +1 after you hit.)

Unique: The Finisher (Curved Royal Blue Dragonbone Sword; +1 hit and damage; attack and damage bonuses increase by +1 every time you hit, resetting to +1 when the creature you hit dies, or you miss, or you attack a different creature.)

Unique: Whisper (Black Dragonbone Katana; +3 hit and damage when used to ambush or backstab; +1 hit and damage otherwise. When you hit when using this blade to ambush or backstab, the target is affected by a 5′ radius silence effect for 6 rounds. Whisper makes no noise when drawn or used to strike or parry.)

Unique: Kazathigus the Holy (Cruciform Truesilver Sword; Sentient [Lawful; INT 12, Ego 12, Will 25; Motivation: Slay Chaotic creatures], Speaks Draconic & Atlantean, Read Languages as spell; Provides Light in 30′ radius; +2 hit and damage against creatures vulnerable to silver; +1 hit and damage vs everything else; additional damage die vs. chaotic creatures; Detect Evil 3/day; Detect Magic 3/day; Detect Invisible 3/day; Prayer 1/day)

Unique: Oakenbrand (Cruciform blade carved from magically hardened and sharpened oak; +2 hit and damage; magic; when grasped, tendrils grow from hilt into wielder’s skin; wielder gains +4 bonus on saves to resist the disarm maneuver and regenerates 3 hp at the beginning of each round.)

Unique: The Master’s Blade (Cruciform Sky Blue Dragonbone Sword; +4 hit and +0 damage when attempting special maneuvers; +2 hit and damage otherwise; opponents suffer a -2 penalty to resist disarm, force back, or knock down maneuvers performed by the wielder.)

Unique: Old Bones (Curved Ivory Dragonbone Sword with Skull motif; +2 hit and damage; Wielder ages one year every time he makes an attack throw with this weapon; when Old Bones hits, the target ages one year and the wielder grows one year younger and regains a number of hit points equal to the damage inflicted on the target)

Unique: The Sun Sword (Cruciform Gold Dragonbone Sword, Provides daylight in 30′ radius and lesser light within 60′ radius as per continual light; +3 hit and damage against any creature that is harmed by or suffers penalties under daylight; +2 hit and damage vs. everything else,)

Unique: The Iron Brand (Rusty Cruciform Iron Sword; +4 hit and damage against Wyld spirits; +3 hit and damage against everything else. Indestructible.)

Unique: The Vorpal Sword (Purple Dragonbone Sword with kris blade, +3 hit and damage, On natural 20, sword inflicts double damage and target must make a DEX save or be decapitated.)

Unique: The Sea Knife (Teal Dragonbone Gladius (short sword); +1 hit and damage; magic; wielder can breathe underwater, and suffers no penalties on melee attack throws or damage rolls due to being underwater, while wielding this weapon, even if the Sea Knife is wielded in his off-hand.)

Unique: The Serpent’s Fang (Cruciform Moss Green Dragonbone Short Sword with Snake Motif; +1 hit and damage; when the Fang is used to ambush or backstab, targets hit by the ambush or backstab attempt are poisoned (standard save or die poison), even if the Fang is used in your off hand.)

Unique: The Twins (2 Copper Dragonbone Scimitars (short swords). +2 hit and damage when dual wielding both swords. +1 hit and damage otherwise. If the wielder has the acrobatics proficiency, they gain a +2 bonus to AC when dual wielding both swords. Almost never found together, but each can carve a map to the other’s current location if pressed against a wooden surface, such as a tabletop.)

Unique: The Cutlass of the Seven Seas (Cerulean Dragonbone Cutlass (short sword); +3 hit and damage vs. sea creatures; +2 hit and damage vs anything else; NPCs with the seafaring proficiency (including all sailors and pirates) gain +2 morale when led by a character wielding the Cutlass, whether they follow him as mercenaries, followers, or henchmen.)

Unique: Desert Wind (Truesilver Scimitar (short sword); +3 hit and damage; +3 initiative; increase speed by +90′(+30′))

Unique: The Reaver (Cruciform Black Dragonbone Greatsword; +1 hit and damage; damage bonus increases by one after every successful cleave attack, resetting to +1 at the end of the round. Wielder can cleave 1/level/round, as a fighter; if he can already cleave as a fighter, then he can cleave 1 additional time per round.)

Unique: Hackmaster Skreel (Curved Truesilver Greatsword. +2 hit and damage vs. creatures vulnerable to silver, +1 hit and damage vs. everything else, magic. Whenever the blade scores maximum damage, the target must make a CON save or immediately roll on the Mortal Wounds table [1d20 and 1d6; only CON mod applies]) Hackmaster Skreel and Lord Quench hate each other. Each blames the other for an incident that occurred 150 years ago involving the TPK of party of 5th-level adventurers who have long since been forgotten by everyone else. If both swords are carried by members of the same party, the swords will bicker and argue incessantly. Orders to stop arguing will shut them up for 1d12 hours.

Unique: The Firebrand (Elaborate Red-on-Black Dragonbone Greatsword Hilt with no guard. Blade composed of fire extends from hilt, lightsaber style, when wielded. Encumberance 1 item, Light as torch, Damage is fire damage, +3 hit and damage vs. regenerating creatures, +2 hit and damage vs. everything else, magic

Unique: Lord Quench the Dragonslayer (Cruciform Bright Steel Dragonbone Greatsword; +4 hit and damage vs. creatures that use fire-based attacks; +2 hit and damage vs. everything else. Weilder is impervious to all forms of ordinary flames, gains a +2 bonus to saves against fire attacks, and reduces damage from fire attacks by -1 per die (minimum 1). Extinguishes all non-magical fires within 10′ when the blade is thrust into a flame.)

Unique: The Bloody Blade (Serrated Curved Blood Red Dragonbone Great Sword; +3 hit and damage; Wielder must make WIS save at the beginning of each battle of go berserk (as Berserkergang proficiency); if the weilder has the Berserkergang proficiency, he always fails this save. Magic.

Unique: The Black Knife (+1 dagger; +3 on ambush/backstab, extra damage die on backstab, even when wielded in off hand.)

Unique: Heartseeker (+1 bow; Ignores attack throw penalties from cover, concealment, and invisibility; Crit on 19-20)

Unique: The Zephyr (+1 arbalest; self-cranking – no cleave limit)

Unique: Ghosthammer (+1 mace; +3 vs undead, incorporeal undead must CON save or die when struck)

Unique: Piscine Ketos (+1 trident; wielder can speak with animals at will, but only with fish and sea creatures; can summon 1d4 mako sharks or 1d4 4HD swarms of fish (as bat swarm, but swim instead of fly) that appear within 360′ and remain for 6 turns 1/day when underwater)

Unique: The Fey Huntress (+2 compound bow; double range; +1 die damage on backstab/ambush.)

Unique: Shieldbreaker (+2 battle axe; +4/+0 on sunder attempts; additional -4 penalty on sunder saves)

Unique: The Adamantine Spear (+3 spear; indestructible)

Unique: The Storm (+3 composite bow; energy bow, ignore ranged weapon cleaving limit and gain +1 cleave/round)

Unique: Tnepthos the Giant Slayer (+3 war hammer; +1 die vs giants; if you have ogre power or giant strength +2 die vs giants and throw 30′ and returns; if you have ogre power and giant strength +3 die vs giants and throw 120′ and returns)

Unique: The Sharkskin (Gray Sharkskin Leather +2; Wearer polymorphs (as polymorph self) into shark whenever submerged. Can survive in fresh or salt water in shark form. Type of shark depends on wearer’s level: 1-3 – Bull Shark, 4-7 – Mako Shark, 8+ Great White Shark)

Unique: The Ghost (Gray Leather +2; Wearer can assume gaseous form 1/day)

Unique: The Elfin Shirt (shirt of truesilver links; as leather +3 for all purposes; no encumbrance; can be worn under normal clothing)

Unique: Goldwing (Gold Dragonbone Scale Armor +2 with functioning human-sized dragon wings affixed to shoulders. Grants fly speed equal to twice the wearer’s current land speed.)

Unique: Set’s Gift (Midnight Green Snake Scale Armor +3. Provides no protection to a Lawful wearer. Neutral or Chaotic wearer is immune to poison.)

Unique: The Assassin’s Mail (black dragonbone chainmail +2; no encumbrance; counts as leather for the purpose of being able to use thief skills, but for no other purpose)

Unique: Ironhide (black iron chainmail +3; full encumbrance; wearer gains +3 bonus on saves against spells and spell-like abilities. Against the spells and spell like abilities of creatures whose caster level is lower than the wearer’s level, the wearer suffers no effect on a successful save and is entitiled to a save even if the spell does not normally allow one. While wearing Ironhide, the wearer cannot cast any spells or use any spell like abilites and cannot be the target of any beneficial spell)

Unique: St. Wilhem’s Harness (Royal Blue Dragonbone Chain Mail +3 with gold trim; If wearer is Lawful, he is protected by a continuous protection from evil effect with a 10′ radius which he does not have to concentrate on. If he is Neutral, he gains a +1 bonus on AC and saves against attacks from Chaotic creatures, and inherently evil creatures such as undead. If he is chaotic, he must make a WIS save or be disintegrated; if he succeeds, the armor provides him with no protection.)

Update: White (White dragonbone lamellar armor +2 with matching heavy dragonbone helm; Wearer is impervious to all forms of ordinary cold, gains a +2 bonus to saves against cold attacks, and reduces damage from cold attacks by -1 per die (minimum 1).)

Unique: The Centurion (Bright Steel Dragonbone Lorica Segmentata (banded plate) +3; all troops under the wearers command gain +1 morale bonus.)

Unique: Wavewalker (Teal Dragonbone Plate Armor +2 and matching heavy helm; Wearer can walk on water as if it were solid, dry land. Alternatively, wearer can choose to sink to the bottom, gaining the ability to breathe water, and to walk on the bottom and attack without suffering any penalties from being under water. The wearer suffers no ill effects from cold or pressure while under water. The helm grants 90′ infravision and a +3 total bonus on d20 rolls on the Mortal Wounds table. The wearer cannot swim under any circumstances.)

Unique: The Hide of Ssossagokorus-Dei (Red dragonbone Plate Armor +2 and matching heavy helm, Wearer is impervious to all forms of ordinary flames, gains a +2 bonus to saves against fire attacks, and reduces damage from fire attacks by -1 per die (minimum 1). Helm grants infravision 60′ and +3 total bonus on Mortal Wounds chart)

Unique: The Bastion (Adamantine Plate Armor +3 and matching heavy helm; damage from all attacks that strike the wearer are reduced by 3)

Unique: The Shining Armor (Truesilver Plate Armor +3; Provides no protection to a Chaotic wearer. A Lawful or Neutral wearer is immune to non-magical weapons so long as they do not violate the tenets of the Shining Armor’s code of chivalry [Courage, Courtesy, Faith, Loyalty, Nobility, Prudence, Strength]. Once they do, it will strip them of this protection until they atone.)

Unique: The Dragonshield (White dragonbone shield +2 with a red dragon silhouette blazon in relief. Once per day, the shield can allow its wielder to breathe fire [40′ long x 20′ wide cone; 5d4 fire damage, DEX save for half].)

Unique: The Mirrorshield (Hardened silver shield +2 polished to mirror finish. Wielder suffers no penalties when fighting while averting his eyes to avoid a gaze attack, and a surprised monster with a gaze attack will see its reflection in the mirrorshield on a 1-4 on d6)

Unique: Arrow Catcher (Forest Green dragonbone shield +3; +5 vs ranged attacks)

Unique: The Blue Avenger (Round Royal Blue Dragonbone Shield +3; Can be thrown as a weapon [50’/100’/150′, +3 hit, 1d6+3 damage, can cleave as many times as the wielder could with a melee weapon] that returns to the wearer’s hand at the beginning of the next round. Indestructible.)

Unique: Longstrider (Purple Dragonbone Light Helmet; Wearer can cast Teleport as a spell like ability with a casting time of 1 turn once per week.)

Unique: The Helm of Doom (Black Dragonbone Heavy Helm. Wearer’s face is shrouded in darkness and eyes are points of red light. Wearer receives a +2 bonus on all reaction rolls when implicitly or explicitly threatening violence or dire consequences. This stacks with the bonus from the Intimidation proficiency, if that also applies. Whenever the wearer drops an enemy to 0hp or less with a melee attack, the wearer regains a number of hit points equal to that enemy’s level or HD.


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  1. Some nice magic items there. I might use some of them in my game. My lot already found Sting and The Tooth Fairy from my lists. And thanks for the links 🙂

  2. No problem. I bet they are having fun with the Tooth Fairy.

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